Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How we pack our laptops....

Hello Everyone,

This is to show our customers our packing procedures for laptops. We hope this is informative and gives you piece of mind when ordering products from us. You can rest assured that your product is packed properly to assist in getting your goods to you safely.

Step #1

(Here our quality control team pulls the corresponding laptop to the order. This is the stage we make sure all the items that the order calls for are included in your package)

Step #2

(We use special proprietary laptop boxes that will ensure your laptop makes the journey to you safely. Here you can see the film and pouch the laptop goes into. This order called for the OS disk so you can see that fits nicely into the pouch as well. There are flaps that pull the film tightly onto the machine so there is no movement while in transit.)

Step #3

(We then place the machine into the box and you can see this is a tight fit. The flaps fold up to add rigidity to the box. Any items such as the power supply will be added to either side of the flaps. This prevents pieces like that from sliding around in the box.)

Step #4

(Here you see we take the added step of protection and doing what many others don't. We add peanuts on top of the machine. We know that in transit your package may find itself on the bottom of a pile of boxes. This helps to ensure the box doesn't become flattened by other boxes while in transit.)

Step #5

(Here you see we seal the box with our industrial strength tape. We don't skimp on the tape either. We want to give you piece of mind that your box isn't held together with one piece of tape down the middle stream. We are sure to tape all seams where the box closes)

How we pack our Apple Cinema Displays....

Hello Everyone,

This is how we pack our 20 and 23 inch Apple Cinema Displays.....

Yes we have different size boxes but the procedure is the same.

Step #1..........

(Here our quality control and packing team has pulled the correct monitor and the corresponding power supply from our inventory and will start the packing process.)

Step #2..........

(Here our team wraps the screen, sides, and top of the display with bubble wrap. This is layered well to ensure adequate protection. The wrap is secured using our packing tape (easily removed from the aluminum). We are also sure we wrap the power supply and cord as shown in the photo.)

Step #3..........

(You can not see in these photos but before the peanuts are placed in the box we lay a flat piece of cardboard on the bottom of the box for added stability and rigidity. After this we fill the box halfway with anti-static packing peanuts. The boxes are 9 inches thick so there is about 3-4 solid inches of peanuts between the screen and the bottom of the box. Also see the added cardboard around the sides to help hold the diplay in place.

Step #4..........

(Before adequately sealing the box we add the second layer of peanuts on the back side of the monitor. After the peanuts have filled the remaining sides and top of the box we then add another layer of flat cardboard on top of the peanuts. We then close the box. We ensure the box is not too full with peanuts and doesn't bulge. But we also make sure there is enough peanuts so everything is snug and wont move or shake while in transit to our customers.)